The Five Minute Interview with Ian Chambers our Head of Secured Lending

What is the best thing about being in the secured loan industry?

Right now is a really exciting time for the secured loan industry , MCD which came into force nearly a year ago now was a challenging time  and perhaps a little frightening for many people in the industry , but it has really pleased me how lenders , brokers and packagers alike have thrived and turned these changes into a positive . The industry always had its sceptics but now with full regulation and the transparency this brings , it is good for the end client , for introducers , brokers and lenders  and we are now seeing reduced rates and innovative products the like of which we haven’t seen since prior to the crunch.

What keeps you Focused?

All the positives from the previous answer can never be taken for granted , we here at Hoskin Home loans rely on the relationships we forge with our introducers, brokers , clients and lenders to that end we need to focus on ensuring that all these relationships continue to flourish whilst seeking out new ones.

What is the greatest challenge facing the secured loan market in the coming months?

We have come through the initial MCD changes which as I said have seen positives, we need to ensure that we continue to communicate with our mortgage broker counterparts to ensure they understand the benefits of a secured loan and when it benefits their client rather than a remortgage, obviously Brexit could and probably will have an effect on the whole financial market and only time will tell how this impacts the secured loan market.

What qualities do you look for in your colleagues and employees?

Trust is the first word that springs to mind, along with reliability, integrity and initiative, I like someone that can laugh at themselves as well and who wants to be at work.

Did you want to be a secured loan broker as a child?

Believe it or not I would be lying if I said yes , the truth is much the same as a lot of young boys I wanted to be a professional footballer , I’m reliably informed that at the age of 45 that dream has gone!

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

The rest of the team has a long list for me, but if it’s just one thing then I would say to not be so self-critical.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

I suppose I should say Paul Hoskin our esteemed MD , but I’m going to plump for  Donald Trump , I have no political persuasion but I think it would be interesting to hear his thought s from the horse’s mouth.

Ian Chambers

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