Debt Consolidation

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Tailored debt consolidation, for more control.

A credit card here, a holiday loan there, an outfit on a store card, a new TV with monthly payments, it’s all too easy to build up expensive debts. If they have different payment dates one could get missed, but debt consolidation lets you pay them all off with one low rate loan that only requires a single payment every month

When you are spending more than you make you begin to accumulate debt. No matter how much you pay towards the debt the expenses keep adding up. The first step to fix your debt is to sit down and write a list of exactly who you owe and how much and what your total monthly financial expenditure is . It could be that a debt consolidation loan is the answer for you  this way you can protect your credit rating or indeed repair it if you have fallen behind with some payments.

Provided you have equity and the new lender assesses that you can comfortably afford the new repayments then a secured loan could be an option , the benefit of a secured debt consolidation loan would be a higher loan amount , possibly lower interest rate and a longer term that will reduce the monthly payments.

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